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Royal Public Sr. Sec. School envisions as the basic unit of a decentralized model of governance with active involvement of parents in the school's functioning

Our Managing Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Mrs. Basanti Devi President
2. Dr. Vijay Singh Member Secretary Principal
3. Mrs. Mani Sharma Teacher Member
4. Mrs. Rita Yadav Teacher Member
5. Mrs. Kalpna Chauhan Educationist
6. Dr. Madhuri Educationist
7. Mr. Vineet Chauhan Parent Member
8. Mrs. Sarita Sharma Parent Member
9. Mr. Shyambir Singh Chauhan CBSE Member
10. Mrs. Satish Yadav CBSE Member
11. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Chauhan Secretary
12. Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma Treasurer

Safety Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Vijay Singh Chauhan Principal
2. Mrs. Kalpna Chauhan Mrs. Kalpna Chauhan
3. Mr. Dinesh HOD Physical Education
4. Mr. Ramavtar Yadav
5. Mrs. Santosh Chauhan Member
6. Mrs. Soma yadav Educationist
7. Mrs. Rita yadav HOD Science Primary
8. Mr. Sanjay Sharma Parent Member
9. Mr. Ajay Yadav Parent
10. Mrs. Smita Bishnoi Counsellor
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